EU Freelancers Campaign crowdfunding begins

How can freelancers in Europe gain a stronger voice in politics to improve their condition? The first step is to rally all freelancers together to inform them about the existence of a movement. This requires the creation of a website where they can sign up to receive further communications.

Building such a website costs money. Not much. But unlike other companies and institutions, we don’t want our freelancers to work for free. We’ve set a budget of €5000 to pay graphic designers, web developers and communicators to create a professional campaign site.

To raise €5000, we’ve started a crowdfunding appeal, with a deadline of February 28. There are many different donation options, ranging from €5 up to €1000. Individuals, coworking spaces, startups and companies are all being encouraged to contribute. There are no physical perks, but we are promising tweets and logo links for larger donors.

Here’s your chance to take part in the movement! Go to our Indiegogo page today and donate. If you can’t afford to, then tweet about it or post it on your social media networks to encourage others to do so.

The empowerment of freelancers can only be achieved by freelancers themselves!